Dip Powder Instructions

Step by Step Dip Powder Instructions
  • Set of liquids (base coat, activator, and top coat)
  • Color of choice
  • Clear dip powder (if doing a glitter dip)
  • Excess powder brush
  • 100/180 nail file
  • Buffing Block
  • Toothpick or wooden cuticle stick (I use a nail dotting tool)
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Alcohol pads or rubbing alcohol
Everyone has their own preferences on how to apply dip powder. These are the steps I take. 


1. Prep nails using a cuticle pusher to gently push cuticles back. Remove any excess cuticle by clipping or using a cuticle remover. Wash hands using Dawn and then dry. Gently buff your nails to remove the natural shine and then wipe nails with rubbing alcohol. 


2. Using your base coat liquid, paint your nail 3/4 of the way down making sure to use a very thin layer and staying away from the cuticles. Dip your nail into the color of your choice. You can also pour the dip over the nail. I prefer to pour my dip into a cupcake liner, then turn my hand over and lay the nail flat into the dip. I then immediately use a dotting tool or toothpick to go around the edges of the cuticle removing excess powder or liquid. This helps keep clean lines around the cuticle.  


3. Once dry, brush off excess powder with a brush. 


4. Using the steps above, do two full dips (painting entire nail these times) being careful to not get liquid on the cuticles. Don't forget to go around the edges of the cuticle with the toothpick each time you dip! If using a glitter dip, follow up with the same steps but dip in the clear powder to encapsulate the glitter. This helps protect the glitter when you go to file.


5. Apply a generous coat of activator liquid to each nail. Be sure to cover the edges and cap off the tips of the nails. Allow to dry completely.


6.Use nail file to shape and file your nails. Start with the side walls and then file any bumps and and ridges. When you are satisfied with how the nails look, grab your buffing block and smooth out the nails.


7. Rinse hands with water. No soap!! Dry nails very well with a paper towel.


8. Apply activator again to the nails and let dry. Wait 30 seconds. Using a lint free wipe or paper towel, rub the nails to ensure they are completely dry from the activator. (It is important to dry them well because if any activator is on the nail, as soon as you use your top coat, the top coat brush will harden.)


9.  Apply top coat to nails in thin, quick even strokes to the entire nail. Allow to dry before repeating a 2nd coat. Air dry.